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Hardworking Angler Malaysia fresh water guided fishing report - November 2022, 3rd week

For this week, we went to Royal Belum to fish toman and hampala barb for two days and a day trip for peacock bass in Batu Gajah near Ipoh, Perak. Throughout two days fishing in Royal Belum, it was raining heavily in the night and cloudy with some sunny moment in the day. We fished some new flooded grass areas on the first day and we managed to catch hampala barb using softbait and few adult toman using topwater bait. Second day we looked for toman fry balls, got with few solid takes but none was landed into the boat. Later in the evening, we caught a juvenile toman using catfish and few juvenile hampala barb using small spoon. In between fishing, we were entertained by elephants, hornbills, deers and a cobra who were curious by the sound of a fish splashing on the surface while we were trying to release it.

On the third day we fished at our favorite lake in Batu Gajah. It was the same weather pattern heavy rain during the night and cloudy with some sunny moment during the day. Water has turn a bit muddy but thankfully fish bites were good. We caught two 50up cm shore fishing and another one 40up cm in shallow water. Later on that day we caught an adult snakehead weighing 4kg++ rigging a live catfish on a float.

And on Sunday it was a half day fishing session at our urban lakes near Kuala Lumpur. Weather was sunny and very windy making it a bit hard for us to find where the fish are. Caught a few peacock bass and a snakehead by drifting and casting near the middle of the lake before we call it day.

Royal Belum Fishing Photos

Batu Gajah Fishing Photos

Kuala Lumpur Fishing Photos

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