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Hardworking Angler Malaysia fresh water guided fishing report - December 2022, 2nd week

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Monsoon rain just arrived! Been raining continously for the past few days. Some anglers will cherish this rainy season. Some will be taking a break until the weather gets better which usually will be around February or March. As for us, continous rain and fluctuating water level at our fishing lakes will trigger spawning time for peacock bass and snakeheads. They move to shallow water, make nests and spawn. They hunt aggressively right before spawning. Best time to break your personal record, especially for snakeheads. Safety first, before fishing. Watch out and be aware of weather changes when you are out on the water. Fishing report - we went to Perak for wild peacock bass and snakehead fishing. Current condition is muddy water and water level rises about a foot. Water is cold but good news is we manage to catch two snakeheads and a lunker peacock bass in that condition.

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