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HARDWORKING ANGLER - MALAYSIA FRESHWATER FISHING GUIDE specializes in Peacock Bass, Toman (Giant Snakehead aka Chado), Barramundi and Mangrove Jack fishing trip in Malaysia for tourists and international clients. We offer fishing trips for single species and also mixed species. Maximize your chances to catch your target species when you book a fishing trip with us. We are the best!


Malaysia is the closest destination to experience quality peacock bass fishing in Asia. Peacock bass can be found in the urban area and also in wild habitat in rural area. Peacock bass thrives in still water ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Peacock bass can be fished all year long, sunny days or rainy days. There are no specific season to fish peacock bass in Malaysia. 

Peacock Bass Fishing Guide Malaysia welcomes anglers all around the world to fish peacock bass in Malaysia. Wether you are planning to fish the urban peacock bass or the wild peacock bass, we are here to help you with the best fishing experience. 


Toman sits on top of the food chain of our freshwater species. Toman has the bad reputation of destroying big lures, bending heavy hooks and snapping thick lines. It's natural habitat is in heavy cover area that provides hiding and ambush opportunities. 

Toman is air breather type of fish so they expose themselves when they rise to surface to breath. Sight fishing for toman is a game of sharp vision, fast reflex and accurate cast. For anglers who love topwater actions, sight fishing for toman is the best way to experience toman fishing in Malaysia.


Our mangrove jack and barramundi are wild species roaming freely in tidal rivers in magrove lined estuaries. Barramundi and mangrove jack prefer covers such as laydowns (fallen mangrove trees) in mud flats as their ambush area. There are no specific time of the day to catch barramundi and mangrove jack as it depends on the tidal movement where barramundi and mangrove jack will follow the baitfish. Hardworking Angler - Malaysia Freshwater Fishing Guide can help you to plan a fishing trip for multiple species peacock bass, toman, barramundi and mangrove jack. Contact us for enquiries. 

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