Wild Peacock Bass & Giant Snakehead Fishing Report 5th-6th February 2019

Spent two days fishing with Andy during the Chinese New Year holidays. First day we fished for peacock bass. It was sunny and the clear blue sky. In the morning it was really calm, no wind blowing. We could see the peacock bass busting baits every where. We spent the morning getting the pattern right. It was close to noon that we finally figured the right pattern and start catching smaller peacock bass. Right before afternoon break, it started to get very windy. I knew this is the perfect condition to catch the big ones so we drift back to the spot where we saw some big ones actively feeding in the morning. A few minutes later Andy caught his personal best peacock bass. We lost another possible personal best right after Andy landed his when the fish managed to break the fishing leader at a fishing trap right under the boat.

Second day we went to fish at snakehead town for the giant snakehead (toman). Same weather as the first day except strong wind from morning until evening. It as a hard day to sight cast for toman. Right after lunch break, we had some times where the wind stops blowing and that's when Andy caught his personal best toman. He lost another one after a few seconds of tug of war. Strong wind until the rest or the day.