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Hardworking Angler Malaysia fresh water guided fishing report - December 2022, 5th week

Final week for the year 2022. It's been a remarkable journey this year and we would like to thank all of our clients who supported us through out year 2022. Looking forward to go fishing with all of you in year 2023. Final catch report for this week, good fishing at our urban lake near Kuala Lumpur. We caught lots of schooling peacock bass and also snakeheads on hard lures. When you catch peacock bass and snakeheads on hard lures, it means they are on fire. Don't miss this opportunity while fishing conditions on our side. Wrapping up year 2022, we went fishing at our favourite wild peacock bass lake in Perak. Catching up with good friends while having good time fishing. Planning for more fishing adventures for year 2023. Want to join us? Contact us anytime!

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